About us

Established in 2018, but really just a side project until 2020. Machinery Classifieds was formed to plug a gap in the market, a reasonably priced way to advertise your machinery.

I have many years of experience buying, selling and marketing machinery. There was always only two choices cheap and expensive.

Cheap– gave me spam, scams and bullshit very rarely doing what I needed which was of course to reach my buyer or a seller, not rocket science but still for some reason difficult.

Expensive– Crazy expensive, for me to do the work, load the photo’s do the descriptions, field the inquiries and really there wasn’t a stream of inquiries like promised. Every time I asked what I was paying for I got graphs and numbers and someone saying it was me and the way I took the photo’s or the description was to short or to long, or some other story.

What we offer – We are QLD based small business offering service and support. Yes you will need to load your own photo’s and do your own descriptions, but also yes if you want the numbers and click rates we can supply them. We screen everything, no spam or scammers can get through and if they do we can piss them off very quickly.

Our rate is standard no bullshit, free for one add or $55inc for up to 50 no other crap just take it or leave it. If you would like more then 50 just drop me a line and we can work out a price.

Access is free and in time we will have many different reasons to come and have a look and we will always be punching stuff through social media, so there is always a good opportunity for a shout out just hit us up.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at us I hope you join up and get involved

Thanks Pete